Alphie Jacqlene, Style Chameleon

March 21, 2014

Alphie Jacqlene is a drag performer from way back. “I’ve been dressing in females’ clothing since I was in diapers,” he remembers. “One of my hobbies was waiting for my mother to go to work and dress her up in her clothing.” She hails from New Castle, DE, and identifies as a fashion~party~life lover. Oh, and he’s a die-hard Lady Gaga fan, too. Which seems apropos for shape-shifter Alphie Jacqlene. “The glamour, garments, and attention made me start drag. Drag gives me the chance to become someone else other than Alphie,” adds the style chameleon.

Alphie Jacqlene also has a memo for interested parties: she is single.

You’re obviously a superhero/ine. What are some of your superpowers? How do you save the world with your fashion and style?

My strongest superpower is my personality. I can adapt to any environment, to people from all walks of life. My ability to make people look outside the box is how I save the world with my fashion and style.


What inspires your creative swerve and fabulosity?

Things that are “unusual” and “out of the ordinary” inspire my style.

Share something (or some things) about you that most people wouldn’t expect.

Well…I’m the biological father of two beautiful boys. Also, I’m very critical of myself.


Got any pearls of wisdom on how to live fearlessly and create boldly?

Never second-guess yourself. The only person you have to please is yourself. Always remember–all publicity is good publicity. The more they talk, the longer you stay relevant.

How would you describe your stage persona and/or performances?

My stage persona is very aggressive and sexual. I will give you a show to remember!


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