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STD/STI Awareness is Hott: Get the Facts, Get Tested

April 25, 2014

You deserve an empowered, electric, educated sex life.

Yeah, educated. April is STD Awareness Month, and it might be time to brush up on your STD/STI IQ. When the subject turns to sexually transmitted diseases and infections, many of us just tune out. Maybe you’re thinking, just wear a condom, right? It’s not that complicated. I already know what to do.

But how about challenging yourself to learn something new? There is more to STDs and STIs than HIV/AIDS, and condom-talk is far from where the conversation ends. Some of the resources below are aimed at youth, but if you are or want to be sexually active with others, STI/STD savvy is a party for all ages.

Scarleteen surveys the STI terrain, covers the ins and outs of testing, and breaks barriers down.

Get the stats, get support for talking to your provider and your partner(s), take a quiz, and more at MTV’s Get Yourself Tested headquarters.

The CDC boasts a wealth of info, of course. And find a testing center near you righhhht here.

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Because knowledge is sexy.