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Fashion 101: Queer Dapper

Queer Dapper Fashion

Happy Dapper Friday! For the discerning dandy, here are a few resources and retailers in their own words: Androgyny: “At Androgyny, we believe that people don’t belong in boxes — that in fact, most people don’t fall neatly into the…

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Goldie Peacock

Goldie Peacock, Drag King Glamdrogyne


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Alphie Jacqlene, Style Chameleon

Alphie Jacqlene is a drag performer from way back. “I’ve been dressing in females’ clothing since I was in diapers,” he remembers. “One of my hobbies was waiting for my mother to go to work and dress her up in…

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Fall in LOVE With Your Style

Your style is your best accessory; why not show it some daily love? We know, we know–finding the perfect outfit to strut in can be ridiculously stressful and downright off-putting. From the stores that don’t have (safe) fitting rooms…to the…

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