Queer Geographies

Queer Geographies: Beirut, Tijuana, Copenhagen

September 22, 2014

Queer Geographies: Beirut, Tijuana, Copenhagen is one of our Indiegogo campaign perks; One+Love’s mapping features even get a nod in this collection of essays. Here’s Lasse Lau — a visual artist, filmmaker, and the book’s lead editor — on why there needs to be a queer poetics of space.

On “queering geography”:

We know — and often we don’t — how different identities have specific needs and use of space in our cities. Although we often intersect with each other’s identities, there might be some subcultural use and needs that are specific to gender and sexuality practices. Historically, we have mostly inhabited already existing spaces and architectural structures in the cities. I think it is time for us to become our own architects, and take part in defining how the city should look like in the future from our perspective.

On “new secret ways of thinking and formulating queer experiences into the public space”:

Secret is always a good strategy. Some years ago I became a gardener in a project called Secret Bush Planting in which I secretly started planting in deforested areas of cruising parks in Denmark and Sweden. I even made seed bags for people to help distribute new vegetation in places that where important to them.

You can get a copy of Queer Geographies: Beirut, Tijuana, Copenhagen through our Indiegogo campaign or at Bluestockings or BGSQD.