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Meet A. Dionne Stallworth

A. Dionne Stallworth’s name appropriately begins with “A”–as her social justice resume boasts a bouquet of beginnings. She is one of the founding members of GenderPAC, the first transgender political action committee. She is also a founding member and original…

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Check-in w/ Julia McCrossin

Julia McCrossin has been active in fat community off and on since the late 80’s. Her work has appeared in The Fat Studies Reader, among other publications. She identifies as queer and gender variant, and holds two advanced degrees from…

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Check-in w/ Natalie Patrice Tucker

Natalie Patrice Tucker is a queer femme geek who is committed to a web that works for everyone. She spends her days (and far too many nights and weekends, she adds) serving as a subject matter expert in the area…

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