Valentine’s Day Dates…Remixed

February 04, 2014

Happy Queer Valentine’s Day!

Yes, we’re kicking off the day-of-candy-and-hearts a little early, but with a kweer, kreative twist. The next two weeks will be drizzled with sweetness, here on the blog and on our tumblr. So bring your spoon because now it’s time to dig into some date ideas (and share some of your own!):

1. DIY relationship retreat. Spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one and with intention. Find a book focused on strengthening relationships (with exercises!) and do a few of the exercises together. Or make up your own exercises. Journal together. Have a “State of the Union” conversation about what’s working and what could be improved. Express appreciation for one another. Turn off the gadgets!

[Or gather a group to reflect and retreat. This is an inspiring example.]

2. Self-love festival of one. Make Valentine’s Day a New Year’s Day for your self-love practice, a day to renew and re-set your intention to have a torrid love affair with yourself. Make plans with yourself like you would any juicy lover. And if your boss asks you to stay late, you can truly say, “Sorry…I have plans.”

Try a new sex toy, make yourself your favorite meal, or do anything else that makes you feel precious and loved. Self-indulge shamelessly.

3. Fire up the oxytocin! Do some partner yoga. Go to a contact improvisation class. Attend a cuddle party or set up a cuddle date. Spend some quality touchy-time with a pet. Try a new sexual activity. Get a foot massage. Hug yourself, give yourself a full-body massage.

4. V-Day = Volunteer Day. Volunteer solo or with beloved/s. Reach out to a LGBTQ organization, share your heart ‘n’ hands.

5. Write love letters together. Real-time, simultaneous love letter-writing…what could be sweeter?

6. Play tourist for the day. If you live in a tourist destination (as I have), you probably grumble about and avoid the postcard hotspots (um, as I have). But just for the day…try looking at your town as a newcomer might. Go to that museum. Get your picture taken right there. Collect the brochures. Tickle your routine a little.

7. Craft date! Most of us spend a lot of time consuming other people’s stuff, gazing at screens, and all of that relatively passive jazz. Make something together or work on separate projects together. Make something for each other!

8. Group date with a gaggle of queers. Sounds like fun. Make it happen.

9. Stage a scavenger hunt. Plant little gifts for your beloved/s all over the house–or, if you’re intrepid, all over the city. In a park. In a friendly cafe. Easter egg-like expeditions don’t have to be limited to spring….

10. Homemade love coupons. Make coupons and give them to your beloved/s to be redeemed throughout the year. There’s no reason why gushy heartbursts and acts of kindness have to be limited to “special” days. Spread that caramel love around….

These dates/adventures are for solos, monogs, polys, aromantics, and more. Remix as your heart and creativity desire.

What are some date ideas you have planned? Let us know!