What is One+Love?

One + Love (pronounced “One Plus Love”) is an app that instantly connects users to local LGBTQ/LGBTQ – friendly organizations, groups, events, meeting places, businesses, shelters, clinics, service providers, social events, and other resources. It’s an LGBTQ community center made mobile, putting your community right in your pocket! This geo-sensitive app points the way to the closest LGBTQ-relevant resources in your area.

One Plus Love

Some of our features

Welcome to the One+Love virtual community center for ALL of us in the LGBTQ community. There’s an event calendar, messaging options, local resources, unique profile features. It’s all here — and it’s all for you, your friends, your tribe.

One Plus Love

Why One+love?

One+Love is the 21st century version of the bookstores, bars, clubs, and media that were often the only way for LGBTQ people to find community. We’ve listened to you and heard that many of us wish there was a way to conveniently access all of the LGBTQ-relevant resources in their communities. Wish no more!

With your support, One+Love will be the virtual watering hole to find out what’s going on in the world (news/entertainment features), what’s going on in your community (in-app mapping to nearby events and resources) and what’s going on with new friends (chat, messaging, social networking features). Looking for a trans* reading group? A queer cooking class? We got you; One+Love connects you.

Meet Our Profile Sliders

Step out of the box. Or, rather, slide out of it… with our profile slider.

So what is it? It’s one of the signature features of the app. It’s a circular dial that allows you locate yourself along the sexual and gender identity spectrum. You can orbit the planet of LGBTQ identities and tap into communities that “get you”– and organizations and other resources that “get it.” This app feature allows you to cue your crew, collect your folks. And leave checkboxes far behind.

With our slider there’s no need to contain your fluidity!

One Plus Love

How does it work?

Meet Jaden, who has just moved to Brooklyn. He’s looking for a queer-friendly barber who knows how to tame unicorn manes. He taps on the app. No standard checkboxes here. Instead he is greeted by our profile sliders. Now he can place himself on a sexual identity, relationship style, and gender spectrum. He swirls the profile slider to indicate that he’s poly, pansexual, and femme–and looking for crafting buddies and fellow political nerds. Now he’s inside the app, and has access to a list of local resources (including a queer-friendly barber!), a map, and the ability to sort and access more choices. [LIKE WHAT? NEED MORE SPECIFICITY HERE ABOUT THE “MORE CHOICES.”] There’s also an event calendar, sortable by activity. Now see Jaden, getting connected to his neighborhood and community. Welcome to Brooklyn, Jaden!