We are seasoned LGBTQ advocates for social and economic justice and are grounded in diverse backgrounds and gender expressions. This ignites our passion for safe, inclusive space for every member of our community. We are veterans of the world of start-ups, technology, marketing, branding, entertainment, art, engineering, education, health care, social services, advocacy, and grassroots activism. We are One + Love.

Sean Apparicio

Founder / CEO

Sean is one+love’s founder. He’s passionate about simple, clean, and accessible design. Great design tells great stories, and great stories bring people together.

Larisa Bomlitz

Founder / COO

Larisa is one+love’s co-founder and COO. She’s developed multiple division level projects which have optimized mobile for client-side web programs.

Share Roman

Chief Social Media Strategist

Share Roman is One+Love’s Chief Social Media Strategist. She is a cheesecake eating Queen, butterfly, writer, and lover of life who believes in the power and beauty of words.

Alexandria Thomas

Chief Marketing Strategist

Alexandria is one+love’s Chief Marketing Strategist. She’s a brand advocate with a passion for dynamic and effective advertising.

Denitria Lewis

Market Research Director

Denitria is likely the most fashionable numbers geek you’ll ever meet. She is turned on by insights and the things that inspire brand love, loathing, and lust.

Mark Edwards

Senior Programmer, Project Leader

Mark Edwards is the Senior Programmer/ Project Leader. He has been programming since he was 10. He has been developing interactive solutions for the medical, entertainment and new media clients.