One+Love FAQs

Get To Know Your App: A Few FAQs

August 25, 2014

Because that’s exactly what the One+Love app is: your app. We’re totally down to answer any questions you have about this community-based app in the making, so if we didn’t get to your question below, ask us in the comments or on Facebook. Email works too!

Is One+Love free?

Yes! One+Love will always be free. It’s important to us that this app be accessible to any LGBTQ community member who needs it.

When is the app coming out?

We’re shooting for late December 2014. At the very latest, Valentine’s Day 2015. Seems fitting, doesn’t it?

Is the app secure?

Absolutely. “Opt in” is our mantra. You choose how much info (eg, where you’re located) you want to share — it’s all about your comfort level. We also won’t be storing your data.

Will I be able to use the app for my area once the beta is finalized?

We’re rolling out the app in major U.S. cities at first, but other areas in the country will be included as soon as possible.

I don’t own a smartphone. Can I still use the app?

While the app is designed for smartphones, a web-based portal is in the works!

Inspired to contribute to our Indiegogo campaign yet? Please give and spread the word! And please don’t hesitate to ask, ask, ask.