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Our Names Are Real: On Facebook’s “Real Names” Policy

Our community ain’t havin’ it. Many of us in the LGBTQ community are pushing back against Facebook’s renewed enforcement of the “real names” policy. Facebook stipulates that a personal account holder must use “your real name as it would be…

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Bisexual Awareness Week

Why Bisexuality Awareness Week?

Why is there a Bisexual Awareness Week? The reasons are as infinite as the varieties of bisexual experience: Because June Jordan said, “I am a cultural pluralist. And, as sexuality is a biological, psychological, and interpersonal factor of cultural experience,…

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Voices of Bisexuality

Recognize: The Voices of Bisexual Men

You better recognize. Bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, and fluid men exist, and are here to tell you in their own words and images — thanks to a new anthology, RECOGNIZE: The Voices of Bisexual Men. From the book’s blurb: “RECOGNIZE: The…

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Queers for the Climate

It Gets Even Wetter: More from Queers for the Climate

  Our last episode of “As The World Burns”: we heard from Patrick Robbins, one of the coordinators of the Queers for the Climate contingent of the People’s Climate March. Today’s episode: Santiago Venegas Duque, one of the coordinators behind…

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Queers for limate Change

“It Gets Wetter”: Queers for the Climate

  It’s our fight too. Patrick Robbins, one of the coordinators of the Queers for the Climate contingent of the People’s Climate March, talks to One+Love a bit about queering the climate change conversation. (As Patrick’s friend put it, “solar…

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one+love perks

Perk Up for Our Perks

Thanks for perking up our Indiegogo campaign with your contributions! Some of you have already snagged thank you tweets, a beta version of the app, membership in our Beta VIP Room (so you can shape the development of the app)…

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One+Love FAQs

Get To Know Your App: A Few FAQs

Because that’s exactly what the One+Love app is: your app. We’re totally down to answer any questions you have about this community-based app in the making, so if we didn’t get to your question below, ask us in the comments…

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One+Love Indiegogo Campaign

Our Indiegogo Campaign Is Live!


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Before It's Gone Take it Back

Imani Henry: “Gentrification Is An Intersectional Issue”

  Imani Henry, a community organizer with Equality for Flatbush, talks about the some of the LGBTQ-specific dimensions of gentrification in Brooklyn: So ultimately gentrification is an intersectional issue. It is about race, class, gender, sexuality, and age. Police brutality…

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Happy Queer Women’s History Month!

Happy Queer Women’s History Month! Yes, March is officially Women’s History Month. But here at One+Love, we’re putting the spotlight on the fierceness and fabulosity of queer women! The month’s celebration kicked off with a feature on Chef Fresh, who…

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